Council Bluffs apartment tenants evacuate after Mosquito Creek floods

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- Three three-person crews are were at the Valley View Estates on Wednesday going door-to-door encouraging — but not requiring — people to leave because of flooding.

But it wasn't for flooding from the Missouri River; these waters were actually filling in from Mosquito Creek on the east side of town. The creek flooded over Valley View Drive into the front parking lot of the complex.

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There's some concern the water is going to continue to rise and that it won't stop there.

"Where we are, we're fine. We have a little creek — it's a river now," Deena Greelis said.

Residents at those apartments were packing up their vehicles Wednesday and heading out away from the flooding.

"It just kept coming, more and more and more," Terri Brummels said. "And we knew that it was getting serious."

Council Bluffs Fire crews began knocking on doors at the apartment complex around 7 p.m.Wednesday encouraging residents to get out in case the torrential waters might keep them from doing so later.

Brummels took a little convincing.

"I just knocked on doors and said 'You need to evacuate,' " Brummels said. "Everybody jumped in their vehicles and headed toward their apartments and started packing bags."

Evacuating due to rising water levels at Mosquito Creek is something residents there have never thought they would have to do.

"My son called and said, 'They're closing the road,' and I thought that's kind of crazy, and I thought he was exaggerating," Deena Greelis said. "The water just keeps rising and getting worse."

Fire officials said most of the residents are heeding the department's advice and leaving for the night, but a lot of them are emptying their units and leaving nothing behind, unsure when — or if — they will be able to return.

"Mother Nature is in charge," Brummels said. "So we just have to wait and see if we can come home tomorrow."

The residents we spoke to tonight say they're going to stay with family or in a hotel, but the Red Cross has opened a shelter for displaced residents at Salem United Methodist Church off of Somerset Avenue.

Brummels said she is taking one of her neighbors to stay there tonight.