Coronavirus presents new challenges to families

Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 10:28 PM CDT
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The Coronavirus pandemic has closed schools and forced many parents to work from home. A psychologist with Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health says because of that, kids and their parents are coming under more stress.

"Since this pandemic has started every conversation starts with 'what's your new normal? What does that look like?’ and there are lots of new challenges with the new normal," said Connie Schnoes, supervising psychologist with Boys Town.

Schnoes works primarily with kids and their parents. She says lots of new challenges have come to light as families try to adjust.

"For families, it's an interesting time because everyone is home together more," Shnoes said.

Some of the concerns she's hearing now include more sibling conflicts, kids not wanting to do their schoolwork and parents stressed with having to take on more roles in the home.

"This is just not anything anyone has ever experienced before," Schnoes said. "With everything changing in our normal routines, our normal habits and cues of doing things are not there so you have to establish new cues and habits.”

Schnoes said part of that includes sticking to routines and keeping a healthy body and mind. She encourages families to find time for fun activities but to also enjoy alone time. It's all about a healthy balance.

She also encourages families to ask for help if they're feeling overwhelmed.

She says Boys Town has seen fewer referrals as of late because many come from school officials and pediatricians, but schools are now closed and doctors are seeing fewer patients.