Contractor ordered to prison through video conference

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 9:49 PM CDT
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An unusual court hearing today as a judge in one county sentenced a convicted felon behind bars in another county. It’s how the justice system continues despite COVID-19 precautions.

Despite paying restitution contractor Ross Sherwood received eighteen months in prison for taking money on three deck jobs and not completing the work. The sentencing conducted by WebEx video conferencing. Judge Russell Derr on the bench in Douglas County and Sherwood in the Sarpy County Jail where he asked for leniency.

Ross Sherwood said, “I’ve accepted full responsibility for my actions. I’m no longer a risk to the community. I will not be running my own business.”

Judge Russell Derr, with Douglas County District Ct. Said, “I think it somewhat generous to refer to what Mr. Sherwood was doing as a legitimate business. He had multiple chances at some type of legitimate career but he chose not to do that.”

Maria Hiatt, a victim said, “My biggest fear when this all started a few years ago was that he would just walk away claiming it was just a civil matter. So I’m thrilled some justice is coming of it.”

Adding in days served and good time Sherwood’s prison sentence is nine months. But he’s a long way from release. Later this week Sherwood faces sentencing on several theft by deception convictions in Sarpy County.

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