Contractor neglects to pull roofing permits, homeowners worry work isn't done properly

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - As snow melts and rain approaches, some homeowners are worried about their roofs, even though some are almost new.

The homeowners are concerned because the contractor they hired hasn't always followed the rules on permits and inspections.

Sandy Decker's roof was installed a year-and-a-half ago, but she said peace of mind didn't come with it.

"We never saw a permit and it said claimed turned in and that's all we ever did. And they took our money," the homeowner said.

The contractor, Midwest Restoration, installed a new roof on another Omaha home last fall.

The homeowner's insurance paid about $15,000 for the roof, and a 6 On Your Side investigation found the contractor didn't pull a permit before starting the job.

Homeowner Penny Lizdas was concerned with the findings.

"I don't know if the work is even done correctly," she said.

Omaha's Chief Building Inspector urges homeowners to check with the city before a new roof is installed.

"It's ultimately the property owner's responsibility to ensure a permit is pulled on any work being done on their property. But a licensed contractor is supposed to know they shouldn't be doing any work without a permit either," Mike Wilwerding said.

An owner of Midwest Restoration said over text that she's been in contact with the city and is taking over permits in the future. The employee previously in charge of them has been let go.

"I'm going to tell them their license is in jeopardy," Wilwerding said.

City inspectors can't get on the roofs until the weather improves.

"It does worry me because what if something happens?" Decker said.

Homeowners with permit pulled long after completion must wait to find out if their roofs get a passing grade.

"I guess I wish I would have known I needed a permit to have a roof done," Lizdas said.

After the 6 On Your Side investigation, the contractor pulled permits on both projects.