Contractor given probation, ordered to pay restitution

SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) - A contractor who

After paying $17,000 for a finished basement that was never started, Chris and Jen Allie heard a judge order the contractor to pay them back.

"The judge offered him a second chance and he can pay us back and if he doesn't then we'll see how that goes, but we're cautiously optimistic," Lt. Col. Chris Allie said.

Jason Murtaugh must make 58 monthly restitution payments to the Allies, and a second customer that paid him $13,000 will also get a refund.

The probation sentence by Judge Nathan Cox allows Murtaugh to work.

"The purpose of restitution is to try and take care of the victims who have experienced a significant loss," Judge Cox said.

Murtaugh said very little to the judge.

"I'm just striving to take care of my responsibilities financially to the individuals," he said.

Murtaugh's bond already repaid the Allies $3,000. His monthly payments will begin on June 1 for the remaining amount.

The judge made it clear that if the contractor misses any of the payments, he'll be back in court facing a violation of probation and possible jail time.

"Hopefully he can take this opportunity he's been given to try and make it right, and if not, he knows the other outcome in jails," Jen Allie said.

Murtaugh still faces theft by deception charges in Douglas County.