Complaints against downtown Omaha night club addressed at City Council

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT))-- A night club located in downtown Omaha has residents in the surrounding area saying it’s making the area unsafe and undesirable.

People living across the street from Karma Night Club have been filing formal complaints with the city, and Tuesday, they had an opportunity to make their case.

The complaints range from excessive noise to allegations the club is serving alcohol to minors. The City Council heard from several people who want the club cut off from serving alcohol altogether.

The first step for that would be for the city to request the liquor board make the club go through a long-form application process, in order to get their licensed renewed.

Claire Jennings who lives near Karma said, “There’s a lot of urination going on right outside our building, which is disgusting you can smell it now. The violence and the broken bottles on the ground are a huge concern for me. I have a dog that I walk at night and I have to avoid that area even though I live right there.”

The owner of the club says about three weeks ago he hired a security company to hopefully remedy the issues.

Council members pressed the owner for more details on why he hasn’t done more to keep the area clean. They say he needs to take responsibility.

It will be up to the state to decide whether or not this establishment should be able to serve alcohol, so we’ll have to wait and see what the fate of the Karma Night Club will be.