Companies propose building 3 solar farms in Ohio

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COLUMBUS, Ohio. (AP)-- Two companies have proposed solar farm projects in Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the three projects proposed for central Ohio west of Columbus would all be about 180 to 200 megawatts, with each taking up more than 1,000 acres (404.694 hectares) of farmland.

Savion, a Kansas-based company, has proposed a project near Irwin in Madison County called Madison Field Solar Project and another called Atlanta Farms Solar Project near Atlanta in Ohio's Pickaway County.

First Solar, based in Arizona, is proposing Big Plain Solar, in Fairfield and Oak Run townships in Madison County. First Solar says its proposed project could power 35,000 homes a year.

The newspaper reports that all the projects are in the early stages of development and would take several years to complete if they're approved.