Community leaders will meet to raise awareness about sex trafficking

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The Women's Fund will be joining policymakers, community partners and activists to raise awareness about what sex trafficking looks like in the Omaha community during the upcoming College World Series.

The event will take place Thursday, June 14, at 3:30 p.m. in the Omaha Marriott downtown.

Some of the featured speakers include:

  • Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert
  • Governor Pete Ricketts
  • Omaha Police Deputy Chief Scott Gray
  • Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

According to the Women's Fund of Omaha,the city averages around 675 individuals sold on a monthly basis for sex - often multiple times.

Warning signs that a person is being trafficked:

  • Appears to be controlled by another person
  • May routinely avoid eye contact
  • Age of female and apparent relationship with adult male is questionable
  • Not free to move around independently
  • Of school age but not in school
  • Has few personal possessions
  • May be harmed or deprived of food; water; sleep; medical care
  • Seems fearful or anxious
  • Has tattoos or other markings of ownership
  • Female has a much older "boyfriend"

Signs of a possible trafficker:

  • May carry multiple cell phones
  • May carry several hotel key cards
  • Sudden increase of expensive possessions
  • Speaks for the group
  • Is the only male in a group of women
  • Wants to pay cash or use prepaid cards for hotel rooms