Coat donation rack morphs into movement in Malvern

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MALVERN, Iowa (WOWT) - One woman's gesture of kindness has turned into a community-wide effort to provide warmth for residents of Malvern, Iowa.

Kenzie Meggison said she noticed a lot of people out in the cold when she took a walk with her son every morning. So, she decided to go through her closet and give away coats her family didn't need.

Meggison put a coat rack in front of Malvern Bank, where she works. Soon enough, other Malvern residents followed her example.

Sue Baer said she saw the sign and went back to the bank just to donate.

"They were things that I've had from my kids who are now out of the house and they're just sitting at home," she said. "I think it brings awareness."

The coat rack has been outside since Wednesday and contains warm clothes from toddler to adult sizes.

"I just thought, let's leave them outside all night long so if somebody doesn't want to come in broad daylight they can come in the evening and pick one up," Meggison said.

She said the rack started with 15 coats. A handful of those have already been taken, and even more have been added to the rack.

"Seven coats have already took off — well, that's nice. I think it's a good deal," said Perry Sinner, who donated a coat. "If you got some extra stuff, you might as well donate it and get some use out of it."

Meggison said she didn't know how many people would actually stop by, but that she's glad she's helping.

"I'm not here for recognition. This is crazy to me. Honestly, I just want it out there so that people take it if they need it. If they don't need it, whatever," she said.

Meggison said she plans to leave the coats out until temperatures start to warm up.