Clay's Wednesday Morning First Alert Traffic Update

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A few new areas of construction and some scattered storms to look out for on your Wednesday morning commute.

Storms have been scattered this morning so far, and mainly across Western Iowa. A few storms have moved across the Metro area at times and produced some puddles rather quickly. We've already seen one single car crash around 72nd and Crown Point Ave in an area that saw rain this morning. Remember to turn the headlights on, and reduce your speed when driving through rain.

There are two new areas of construction to be aware of this morning. The first is at 62nd and Dodge. Dodge is down to one lane in each direction while crews are working on the street there. This lane closure caused quite the traffic jam when it got started Tuesday.

The other area of new construction is on 120th St between State St and Rainwood Rd. 120th St is closed in both directions for the next two days.

Have a safe drive and a great day!