City officials say pothole reports are declining

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- City officials say it’s been a productive week of plugging potholes.

According to the weekly pothole report, “over the past seven days (April 4-11), the number of pothole repairs far exceeded the number of new pothole reports. New reports are consistently declining.”

High-traffic streets and intersections are still the prime focus but we’re told that hole crews have now expanded the campaign into residential neighborhoods.

City officials ask that you make pothole reports to the Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555,, or rather than social media sites so reports can be promptly reported to the Street Maintenance Division for repair.

Holes by the Numbers
April 5-11

  • Reported potholes: 3,175*
  • Potholes repaired: 6,020
  • Asphalt used: 843 tons

March 29-April 4

  • Reported potholes: 5,772*
  • Potholes repaired: 7,445
  • Asphalt used: 1,044 tons

March 18-27

  • Reported potholes: 7,407*
  • Potholes repaired: 5,550
  • Asphalt used: 775 tons

*This includes every reported location (even locations reported multiple times) so the actual number is much lower.

The repair estimate is based on the amount of asphalt used and the average size of repaired potholes (3’ x 3’ x 8” deep).

The city is using this estimate because pothole reports are bundled into work orders for scheduled repairs. A work order can be one pothole or a street with multiple potholes. The city says this estimate is the most accurate number.

During the week April 5-April 11 the following locations were serviced:
Blair High Road: Crown Point to 78th
Blondo: 50th to 52nd
Chicago Street: 22nd to 24th
Crown Point: Wenninghoff to 72nd
Cuming: Riverfront Drive to 30th
Davenport: 22nd to 24th
F Street: 72nd to 84th
Grover: 60th to 72nd
Harney: 11th to 19th
Harney: 40th to Turner Blvd.
Harrison: 30th to 60th
Jackson Street: 16th to 19th
L Street: 42nd to 60th
L Street: 120th to 132nd (intersections)
McKinley: 30th to 36th
Pacific Street: Applied Parkway to 168th
Riverfront Drive
Spring Street: 54th to 60th
St. Marys Avenue: 25th to 28th
Underwood: 52nd to 72nd
Vinton Street: Deer Park to 24th
West Maple Road: 144th to 156th and 192 to Elkhorn Drive
*Also this week the NE. Department of Transportation started its West Maple resurfacing project. Click here for more information:
Westroads Loop
Westwood Lane: 120th to 132nd
Wright Street: 181st to 186th
11th Street: Nicholas to Avenue H
13th street: J to D
15th Street: Farnam to Capitol
16th Street: Jones to Howard
16th Street: Cuming to Capitol
19th Street: Harney to Farnam
24th Street: Martha to Vinton
24th Street: Vinton to L
24th Street: Fort to Ames
30th Street: Ames to Sorensen
30th Street: State to Martin
33rd Street: California to Burt
36th Street: Ames to Paxton
36th Street: Farnam to Dewey
42nd Street: Ames to Sprague
45th Street: Leavenworth to Center
52nd Street: Leavenworth to Center
60th Street: Laurel to Browne
84th Street: L to F
90th Street: Maplewood to Fort
90th Street: Western to Fort
120th Street: Center to L
132nd Street: Maple to Eagle Run
136th and Madison
144th Street: Industrial to Q
168th Street: Oak to Center
168th Street: Burke to Jackson
180th Street: F to Q