City council to reassess controversial landlord's progress

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Controversial landlord, Dave Paladino has fixed nearly all of the housing complaints filed against him, according to Omaha's chief housing inspector.

A renovated single unit owned by Dave Paladino. The updates were made to bring the unit up to code.

Now the city council has to decide next Tuesday if that's enough to award him a tax incentive.

Mice, mold, cockroaches and more have been found in some Paladino's rental units in the past. The city's chief housing inspector told 6 News Paladino has come a long way in the past few months, bringing about 20 rental units up to code with only about four still on file to fix.

Councilman Pete Festersen has toured a couple of the units Paladino has worked on. He said he's pleased to see improvements but wants to see more.

Housing advocates are concerned Paladino might stop making improvements once he gets a tax incentive. He's asking for $287,000 to renovate the Ainsworth and Beverly Apartments downtown.

"He's really only caring about the buildings he knows the city is going to be auditing and getting those all up to code," Simon Hinton of Omaha Tenants United said.

Council president, Ben Gray said he knows how he's voting Tuesday.

"No. The answer is no. There's no way I'm going to support TIF for him," Gray said. "I just don't see myself supporting a guy who the kind of reputation this individual has."

As for the rest of the council, it will be made clear next week if the majority of them think Paladino's efforts have been enough.

6 News reached out to Paladino for an on-camera interview today, but he wasn't available. He has said numerous times in the past that he's passionate about his tenants and want to make sure they are satisfied.

6 News also reached to the city's chief housing inspector for an on-camera interview but didn't make contact.

Omaha Tenants United is holding a rally at City Hall on Saturday at 3 p.m. over the matter.