City council discusses installing electric car charging stations

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The Omaha City Council is looking at the possibility of putting car charging stations around the city.

As more people purchase electric cars, charging stations are seeing higher demand.

Currently, Omaha does not have any public charging stations for electric cars.

Les Meyer drives a Chevy Bolt. He has a home charging station, but those who are traveling through the area may be out of luck.

The city council is looking at sites that could host 15 charging stations, including spots on Farnam, Harney and Jackson streets.

The cost to the city to install the stations is $161,000. The rest of the money would come from a Federal Surface Transportation Fund.

Meyer said Omaha needs to change their way of thinking.

"We need the city to be forward thinking because most of the manufacturers are going electric by 2025," he said. "A lot of cars will be electric."

Finance manager, Adam Ciochetto said it's a good city for electric cars and that the market has been getting help from the state and Nebraska Environment Trust, but not a lot from the city.

"There are tons of place in Omaha that would be convenient to go if there are charging stations but right now it's limited to mainly dealerships and smaller spots around town," he said.

Ashland and Council Bluffs already have public charging stations.