City approves paying private contractors to fix potholes

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 5:05 PM CST
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The Omaha City Council gave the green light to bring in outside help to fix the city's pothole problem on Tuesday.

The council approved spending $450,000 to hire three private contractors to fill potholes during a spike. The vote passed four to three.

According to city officials, pothole spikes always come after a big snowstorm.

Omaha's street maintenance department said its crews are overworked and contractors will allow them to keep up with demand.

During peak pothole season, the city can receive up to 4,000 complaints a month.

City council member Vinnie Palermo said it's the number one complaint he receives from residents.

"It's what I hear all the time. 'Fix my roads.' 'Shame on us, this is our job,'" the councilman said.

According to the street maintenance department, the average time to address potholes is about two weeks, but with private contractors, repairs could be sped up to five or six days.

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