Citizens assist police with hit and run suspect

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- A group of citizens here in Omaha got involved to help capture a hit and run driver that left one woman in the hospital.

Police believe 32-year-old David Kenney did not stop after he hit 26-year-old Shardae Ferguson, who was stopped on Interstate-680 because her vehicle had overheated.

The crash occurred Sunday morning on Interstate-680 just south of Center Street. Ferguson stepped out of her overheated vehicle and was struck by another driver.

The driver kept going, but so did witnesses at the scene. They followed him and gave information to the police.

"They followed him they stuck around and talked to police, so that's critical in any case that we have witnessed people who were willing to come forward, people who are willing to say what they saw, or how they saw it," said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

By the time police caught the suspect he had made it to 126th and Pierce streets.

Prosecutors believe Kenney is the hit and run driver. He's been charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident resulting in serious injury, a class three felony.

It was also revealed that Kenney had an odor of alcohol on his breath and admitted to knowing he had hit something but not stopping because he was so shocked.

When police caught up to Kenney, he blew under the legal limit at a .075.

"It's still being investigated we'll interview people who may have been with him earlier to see if he was impaired or not impaired but right now the evidence we have is that he was under the legal limit," said Kleine.

At last check, Shardae Ferguson is in critical condition. Kenney has a preliminary hearing date of November 12.