Christmas truck, oh Christmas truck...

Published: Nov. 28, 2018 at 5:57 PM CST
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How’s your holiday spirit? Is it big enough to light up a tree? How about a truck?

Doug Schlott’s spirit is truck-light sized. That’s big.

“It makes you feel good,” the Council Bluffs man said. “Cheers people up.”

Doug and the guys at Creative Auto spent six hours gluing lights to his truck. The lights can be controlled with a quick flip of the switch but you don’t really need the switch when you just leave the lights on all the time.

While the truck is flashy, Doug doesn't do this for the attention. “I do it to see the people smile.”

There’s a Christmas tree involved too. It’s as real as Doug’s holiday spirit. “No, fake tree,” he said. “Didn’t work.”

This isn’t a first for Doug. He did this last year but his old truck didn’t make a good enough canvas for the lights. So he bought a new one.

“I didn’t have a white truck and it shows up better on white,” he said.

Dusk is Doug's favorite time. That’s when he can light up the roads.

So is this kind of thing road legal? Doug says he’s had police officers take selfies with his lit-up ride and he hasn’t gotten a ticket. But officers do advise him that he should have the lights off by January 1st.

“It's a really cool feeling to make other people’s day,” he said.