Cease & desist order sent to hemp products shop owner

The owner of a Bellevue CBD shop has been given a warning: Take hemp based products off the shelf or face the legal consequences.

It could lead to a faceoff in court over a controversial cannabis compound.

Cannabidiol is advertised to ease anxiety and a letter about the product from the Sarpy County Attorney has Jeff Queen feeling anxious.
Queen owns the Bellevue franchise of CBD American Shaman and he’s received a cease and desist order.

Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov said, “We're giving them two weeks to clean up their product and their inventory and to stop selling it. If they choose to sell it after that two week period then there will be charges.”

Polikov said he’s enforcing Nebraska drug laws. Queen disputes that he's breaking any laws. Queen said, ”They consider it marijuana, it’s clearly not marijuana, it doesn’t get you high, it falls under the THC limits.”

The Bellevue shop is a franchise and the corporate lawyers have already been notified about the letter. Queen hopes he’ll be able to remain open while this whole issue is defined in court.

Queen said, ”Well I hope something is clarified to where I can keep my doors open and keep helping people.”

Customers who asked to be identified want CBD sales to continue.
One customer said, “If some product works for people then why take it away. It’s not hurting anybody.”

But the Sarpy County Attorney says the reported benefits of CBD doesn’t change the law. Polikov said, “For people in crisis and suffering if that helps I'm in favor of it , but it has to be a legal substance

The attorney for American Shaman CBD Sean Pickett argues the state Attorney General opinion on the Nebraska law is flawed. He says the company will challenge any law enforcement efforts against its stores in court and sue if products are seized. The Sarpy County Attorney tells us he’s prepared for that legal fight.