Cavern in Omaha neighborhood sees long waited for repairs

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 7:04 PM CDT
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that has taken over a neighborhood street in Northwest Omaha. That worry is now at ease after a 6 On Your Side investigation.

Chances of that cavern collapsing have been greatly reduced because of a special solution underneath the street.

It looks like muddy water, but it is actually a special flow-able mix that has been poured under the cavern. The mix fills all the space underneath and then turns to a solid base.

The $25,000 cost was taken care of by the developer of the Northern Hills Estates, Keith Edquist.

“Started to see that it’s a major drainage problem. Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else. It became a safety issue and something had to be done,” said Edquist.

The private street built for Edquist by a home builder was the center for a feud between the two, over who’s responsible for fixing it.

“I decided I would simply do what needs to be done and I’ll sort it out later,” said Edquist.

For now, the solution under the street will take care of the concern, and neighbors are relieved.

”The issue of anybody getting under the street is a huge concern, and taking care of that is fantastic but let’s move forward and let’s keep going with it,” said Andy Mayer, a homeowner.

The street was privately built so it’s not the taxpayer’s responsibility, but the county did provide warning cones and some advice on making the street safe again.