"Career criminal" busted for another theft

Published: Jan. 28, 2017 at 8:26 PM CST
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"It's just repeat theft all the time," Seth Scarlett said. "I mean, you can't avoid it."

For Scarlett, it is frustrating.

"All the time our guys are telling us that something else has come amiss," Scarlett said. "Somebody has been messing with it, or somebody stole other parts. Somebody drained gas out of a vehicle."

On Friday morning, it happened again. Surveillance video outside Cooter Enterprises showed a man rummaging through metal long after business hours. It was only a few minutes later when police showed up and arrested the thief.

"All you can really do is watch them steal your stuff," Scarlett said.

Police busted 53-year-old Kevin Hood. Hood has a lengthy criminal record. Just last month, WOWT 6 News spoke with an Omaha woman had holiday decorations taken from her front porch.

"There was a stranger on my property, so not only did he steal lights, but he kind of violated my family," Nicole Albers said.

The man cited in that case was also Hood. The good news is that an arrest been made. Scarlett is now hopeful his company can move on.

"It's not worth it to hire security to stay down here all the time, so I just hope it stop for three, four months," Scarlett said.

If anyone does try stealing from the business again, Scarlett has a simple message.

"We have cameras, so you're under surveillance," Scarlett said. "So if you do try to get in here, you may get caught."