Capitol District enters the final phase of development

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- What's dubbed Omaha's "Modern Town Square" is ready for the final phase – the $200 million construction project in the Capitol District at 11th and Capitol Avenue.

There's the Marriott on one end with apartments on the other. Those have been up and running for a while as have the businesses on the north end.

Phase three is the south side. It's just dirt now but it will be three stories of mostly of office space that will surround the town square.

Ryan Ellis, of P.J. Morgan Real Estate, said, “I think the Capitol District stands out for its density and proximity to downtown. There's everything within a two block radius, which is unusual."

The final phase is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

In less than two years the Capitol District project has gone through major transformation.

Paul Smith, with the Capitol District, said, "We're ready to snap this last Lego in place and get this thing done."

Buffered between the 333 rooms of the Marriott and the 218 apartment units in the plaza is the modern town square - a place to hang out, mingle with music and have cocktails from one of the many restaurants facing in. There's also a big screen and a stage.

Now for the last phase of the project.

Steve Sheppard, with CBRE/MEGA, said, "It's exciting to finally break ground, to come to fruition."

What is just dirt now will give way to the final piece of the puzzle with a bottom floor for restaurants or retail and the top two floors for office space.

Developers are proceeding even without any tenants locked in.

Smith said, “There's a very low supply of Class A office space in downtown Omaha. We've had some great discussions with some clients. I'm pretty confident it will work just fine."

By the end of the year, the town square will be surrounded. A mini-city in the city.

Next month we're expected to hear the names of five additional businesses coming to the Capitol District.