California mom confronts daughter’s bullies, gets banned from school

LOS ANGELES (KCBS/CNN) - A mom was banned from a school in California after she walked into her daughter’s middle school classroom on Tuesday morning and threatened students she said bullied her kid, according to a report from KCBS.

A California mom was banned from a school after she confronted her daughter's bullies in the classroom. / Source: KCBS via CNN

“Sisters, aunts, anyone over 18 - I'll f ‘em all up. Do you understand me? Leave my daughter alone. If I have to go to every class I'll do that,” Christian Tinsley says in a video of her confrontation in the classroom.

Tinsley said the bullying has been going on for months and that several boys were a part of it.

“Y’all think y’all are bullies? I’m a big bully. Ok? Let that be known and understand that,” she says in the video.

When the school told the boys to stop, the bullying only got worse, she said.

Her daughter reported that the bullying happened in the classroom, on social media and her walk home. She even reported that one boy sexually harassed her.

After the school investigated the incident and spoke to witnesses, it suspended the boy, but that’s when things got worse, according to Tinsley.

Tuesday, as she was dropping her daughter off for school, she started crying, begging to stay in the car.

“Then she made a comment to me that if she wasn't as strong as she was, she would have killed herself. That's when mama bear mode went into effect,” said Tinsley.

She said she knew the school likely would ban her if she took matters into her own hands, but she went against the school’s recommendation not to speak to the bullies or parents herself.

She wasn’t thinking of the school when she talked to the students.

“Sometimes if you've done everything that you can do - I was prepared for that because my daughter is number one,” she said.

The school’s policy is to immediately investigate any concerns about bullying or harassment at the school site as soon as it’s reported to administration, teachers or staff. School officials will contact both students and their parents.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department also has been asked to investigate this case.

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