CWS 2019 food: Is a hotdog a sandwich? This year's special menu says yes

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 4:42 PM CDT
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Every year, there are additions to the College World Series menu line-up. Wednesday, TD Ameritrade chefs turned in their line-up card and believe they’ve hit a home run with this year’s CWS menu.

This year, Chef Chris Meyers is surrounded by new foods, including the “Texas Leaguer Tavern” — a classic loose-meat on a brioche bun. And what they call “Pork Wings” — kinda like a spare rib — and two new hot dogs, one of which is sure to create some controversy.

“We went with what we’re calling a ‘hot dog sandwich’ this year because we’re taking a stand that a hot dog is a sandwich,” Myers said. “A lot of people are going to disagree with it, I know; but I think we’ve proven it by basically making a B-L-T with a hot dog on it in a bun. So if you took the hotdog off, its still a B-L-T — it’s a sandwich.”

For some people testing the new menu said there’s no argument.

“Is it a sandwich? Or a hot dog? Both.”

Moving down the menu, the colossal tot: a one-pound tater tot. This year, they add an Italian-style tot, complete with sausage, peppers, and marinara. It is a very popular item.

“We have a countdown for it for every game — there’s only a few available every game,” Myers said. “The countdown is up in the stand. There’s a digital countdown: As we sell them, it keeps going lower and lower.”

If you have a ticket that cost a little more money, you get to order from the Club Level menu.

“Up in the Club Level, we have Lobster Truffle Fries this year,” Myers said. “A higher end deal, they have a nice black truffle salt. The fries are tossed with black truffle salt and smothered in lobster cheese sauce.”

There’s some classics there, too, and of course, dessert.

“We have Charchoutere boards for the sweets,” he said. “We have lemon chicken boards, and a barbecue package: baby back ribs, slaw.”

There should be something here for everyone, but watch out you don’t get caught up in this year’s controversy.

“I’ve had a few late-night arguments about this one, going back a few years,” Myers said. “In fact, it was one of my friends who suggested you should put a sandwich on — that if you’re going to call it a hot dog sandwich, put your money where your mouth is and call it that.”

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