CWS 2019: Series heads into showdown for the crown

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Michigan and Vanderbilt are taking the 2019 College World Series into the championship showdown — the best of three series to decide the title. While this is the main event, some say there's a smaller crowd down at the ballpark.

The line for general admission tickets was shorter on Monday than it has been. We checked three times Monday and each time we found a short line.

According to ticket sales, attendance to the College World Series is up by more than 20,000 tickets compared to last year.

Actually, they say the short lines are not unusual for a workday: Those you see in line are people who have the day off; are vacationing from out of town; or, if you're like general admission veteran Vince Martin, you teach and are using summer break to get in line early.

But even Martin said this year’s line seems unusually small.

“Yeah, last year, we showed up about two hours early, and we were way down the way. Right now this is short."

Smaller lines aren't taking away from the excitement of the College World Series: We found some people from Bakersfield, Calif., who said shorter lines mean better seats, and better seats mean you have a better chance to catch homerun balls.