CWS 2019: OPD running 24-hour security operation

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Near 13th and Chicago, you can't miss the extensive compound that is housing local law enforcement.

The Omaha Police Mobile Command Trailer, Nebraska State Patrol, and even the FBI are housed inside the compound. They are a few organizations that make up the public safety team keeping College World Series guest safe.

Lt. Jake Ritonya of the Omaha Police Department spends about 15-hours a day on the job.

"For us, it's a 24-hour operation," said Ritonya.

This year there are a lot of security measures that have gone in to keep the public safe. You may have seen the heavy police presence along the streets, the officers with guns and other officials keeping an eye on the crowds from tall buildings. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

"For the things you see that are visible, there are layers upon layers upon layers that are invisible," said Ritonya.

One of the things you don't see is the plainclothes officers blending in with the crowds roaming TD Ameritrade Park.

"We have the FBI and various federal agencies here looking for things from terrorism all the way to NCAA licensing to make sure correct merchandise is being sold," said Ritonya.

While there is a team on the streets patrolling, there is a team inside the mobile command center. You may not be able to see them, but they are watching you.

"We have cameras in and around the stadium that we can monitor different locations," said Ritonya.

The security operation that OPD is running has recently impressed MLB's head of security.

"He said to the extent that we pulled this thing together and how we operate it, is above and much so he wants to come back here and talk about how we do business and learn from that and drawn from it," said Ritonya.

Next time you are out at the CWS, rest easy and know you are in good hands.