CWS 2019: Flooded NP Dodge Park sends CWS RV crowd to alternate parking

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- College World Series fans who drive their RVs to the games had few parking options this year but they did luck into a place to park their rigs.

For years, College World Series fans from around the country would park their RVs and make camp at Omaha’s NP Dodge Park but this year’s flood forced officials to close the campsite.

Now some CWS fans are parking their rides at the Horseshoe Casino RV Park.

Glenn and Cindy Duncan are from Texas. They said camping in a parking lot is a little different and the ride up here was an experience as well.

Glen said, “A lot of the roadways are still a lot of mud and stuff and we weren’t able to get through so we had to detour around, go up 75, just to get here. It was kind of a long and tough trip to get here.”

But the Duncans have settled in. They like traveling in their RV instead of booking a hotel room.

Cindy said, “Driving does save you a lot of money. That way you cook just like you were at home. You’re not going out to eat all the time.”

The Duncans said they would park their RV in the casino parking lot again. They’re in like-minded company there. We saw a couple dozen RVs from around the country in the Horseshoe lot.