CHI Health officials gather knowledge to prepare for possible second wave of COVID-19

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 6:11 PM CDT
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Nebraska's daily numbers have been trending downward, but some CHI Health experts are worried about a possible spike in just a matter of weeks.

CHI Health officials say the coronavirus isn't going anywhere and they're constantly learning more about how to treat patients.

"We've been able to care for over 600 in patients and thousands of patients that were never sick enough to come to the hospital. And we've learned a lot. I think we're prepared for whatever the future throws at us,” said Cliff Robertson, CEO of CHI Health.

Beginning in august experts say Nebraska could see as many as 500 positive cases day, currently, there is a decrease in positive daily cases.

"Which is where we were when we had our peak a few months ago. Again, this is not people in the hospital. This is people showing up in the clinic not sick enough to be in the hospital. Get a swab go home. Get Tylenol fluids and recover,” said Dr. David Quimby.

Experts say based on trends, nationally more younger people could become infected and they are working on doubling testing capacity by august.

"And to prepare for the second wave of a possible wave of COVID infections a third pre-existing platform that we already have in our laboratory for which agents have already come available is being validated for accuracy for COVID testing,” said Dr. Stephen Cavalieri, CHI Health Lab.

As CHI Health officials continue to monitor trends within the virus, they say people should continue to follow guidelines put in place.

"Do the things that they themselves can do. Wash their hands. Social distance to the best of their ability Self isolates when appropriate. Wear masks when appropriate and do that to not only protect themselves but obviously their loved ones,” said Cavalieri.

As of earlier this month, CHI Health has cared for more than 621 positive patients, not including the thousands that did not require hospitalization.