Buyers beware of used cars with flood damage, here's how you know

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- The heartland flood is making buying a used car difficult for some. Cars are showing up at area repair shops with evidence of water damage.

Jones Automotive gave 6 News some tips on how to avoid purchasing a damaged vehicle.

According to Don Velander with Jones Automotive, a good place to start checking for damage is the trunk.

“But I’m not seeing any large amount of rust build-up, there’s no standing water in the wheel well, actually looks very good for the age of the car,” said Velander.

According to Velander, since the flood, this shop has seen a half dozen vehicles that appear to have been in deep water. He says, even if you do not see evidence of water in the car, it may still have the damage.

"We've seen some vehicles that the customers have been complaining about the service lights coming on and vehicles not working right. You plug into the vehicle and if it has a recently cleared memory and the car was just bought from a dealer that could be an indicator," said Velander.

Getting a car on a hoist may also help, according to Velander.

“if you have plant debris here and then it's washing sideways and it has dried off sideways that's an indicator cause this car doesn't drive sideways,” said Velander.

Velander also recommends checking CarFax, they have a flood checklist to help shoppers spot water damage in cars.

He also says, that having an expert check it out is essential.