Burglar targets non-profit newspaper stealing 9 computers

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 5:32 PM CST
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The Heartland Newspaper, a local nonprofit whose mission is to help the homeless, is suffering after someone broke in earlier this week. They’re hoping someone comes forward.

“There was a mailbox right here on the outside, it’s knocked off and they must have used some kind of something to knock this off and something to come around here and unlock this thing,” said Yah.

Wednesday morning Executive Director of the Heartland News M, A, Yah says the moment he walked in he noticed something was missing. All the computers were gone.

“Over here we had three computers right here, this is pretty much like our computer lab, we had a computer here, right here, and one here,” said Yah.

Nine in total, including the monitors, on top of that a recent donation.

“We had some coins donated to us, I think one of them was about $8,000 another was $4,000 all together the coins are worth about $13,000, they're gone,” said Yah.

The loss goes deeper than money.

“Destroyed our past and our future so to speak,” said Yah.

According to him, the computers contained their archives dating back to their first paper, as well as their materials for January’s edition.

“The information on the computers is more important to us than anything else,” said Yah.

The Heartland News had hardships in the past, from a fire at their building on 60th, to a car crashing into their building on 30th, M, A, Yah says their strength is as strong as their logo.

“That’s why we got the logo the elephant, a charging elephant, once it’s charging it’s hard to stop it so we have been through fires and some of everything and we are still picking ourselves up, restarting and re-hitting and come back stronger,” said Yah.

The Heartland News says they hope someone notices the computers or maybe someone trying to pawn the coins and say something.

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