Bryan Health tests over 100 patients at drive-thru testing

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Every day, 60 slots will be open for testing at Bryan Health's make-shift drive-thru. Today, Bryan Health filled all 60 spots and all but one yesterday.

After the first day with 54 tests, none tested positive for the flu and 4 tested positive for respiratory problems. The 50 tests that were negative for both the flu and respiratory problems are now being tested for COVID-19, a 24-48 hour process.

Bryan Health's CEO John Woodrich said they do not anticipate a lot of positive cases.

"A majority will probably come back negative. A very high percentage will come back negative and that will tell us that they have a respiratory infection, nothing major," said Woodrich. "We're going to be looking at volume, so we will be assessing that constantly, it's part of what we do. We will be looking at the demand to determine if we need to expand hours or do something different to help with the flow of people."

Within the hospital, Bryan Health has tested 45 people, 41 results were negative and 4 results are pending. Officials said the community donation of supplies has helped to bridge the gap in the supply chain.

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