Brush-up on your motor skills

Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 3:38 PM CDT
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Your small engine machinery can cause you some big problems if you don’t feed them properly.

President Trump flew into corn country Tuesday with good news for farmers in the form of an expanded market for E15 fuel sales.

While most modern cars can handle ethanol blends, you don't want that fuel in your snow blower. The alcohol is bad for small engines so you have to be careful when you fill the gas can.

Retired small engine mechanic Karl Davlin said, “If you go to buy gas without alcohol, if the pump has one hose for three different selections of fuel that you pump, put a couple of gallons into your car first and then fill your jug because the person ahead of you may have bought alcohol-based fuel and if they did, your first maybe one-quarter to one-third of that gallon is going to be an alcohol-based fuel going into your jug."

The experts say small engines don't run as well on alcohol-based fuels and they cause problems with the engine in the long run.

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