Brake noise not giving drivers, neighbors a break

Published: Jan. 1, 2017 at 4:25 PM CST
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A new, expensive Mercedes has some owners making noise about the brakes. It's not a safety issue, just an annoying sound.

It's the dream vehicle Steve Firmature always wanted. "This is my retirement treat." Though excited to show off his 2016 Mercedes GLC, Steve says neighbors want him not to give them a brake. "Sometimes it's loud enough it will get everybody looking out their windows."

When the temperature drops to freezing or below, the brakes squeal for the first few stops. "If I stop at a grocery store or department store and come out like 20-30 minutes, it'll start to screech like that for the first couple of blocks again." And he isn't the only GLC owner to complain.

Steve had the brake pads replaced once and within 24 hours the squeal returned. A second brake service at the Omaha Mercedes dealership seems to have stopped the annoying noise, but Steve will take it back in when Mercedes offers a permanent fix. "If there's a way I could get my money back I'd seriously think about it and buy a different car if they can't fix this one."

Steve wants his GLC to turn heads because of the way it looks, not sounds.

The local dealer referred 6 On Your Side to Mercedes corporate office for comment and a national spokesman emailed WOWT 6 News. Rob Moran said dealers have been told to replace brake pads and apply brake paste. The squealing occurs mostly in cold temperatures. The noise is temporary and doesn't cause any safety issues. Mercedes said parts to fix the squeal should be available this month.

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