'Bob Walking': Omaha tourism campaign encourages Bob the Bridge videos

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OMAHA, NE (WOWT) A survey of overnight guests by Visit Omaha found the top three attractions are the Henry Doorly zoo, the Old Market and the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Tourism officials decided to push the bridge with the latest light-hearted video campaign called "Bob Walking."

“Hey, I’m Bob. Bob the bridge.”

A few years ago, Bob developed a voice and his own social media accounts. He even coined the hashtag "#bobbing".

"For my next trick, you can be in two states at one time,” he said in one of his first promotional videos.

#Bobbing is when you straddle the well-marked state line on the pedestrian bridge and take a selfie.

"Ready? Everyone smile.”

The Campbell family from Kansas City walked the bridge and took photos Thursday morning.

We told them that this week Bob the Bridge upped his game.

"Everyone has hidden talents inside them,” said Deb Ward with Visit Omaha. “Use it on the bridge."

Visit Omaha put some walking ideas and talents onto video.

There’s zombie walking. "As a pedestrian bridge, I support all walks of life. Even the walking dead,” said Bob the announcer.

There’s moonwalking. "You need me — a pedestrian bridge."

And a Christopher Walken walking. "I have the fever, and the only cure is more pedestrians."

And Bob's favorite, "Mom Walking": "Because who doesn't love Mom? Mother of Dragons, Mother Theresa, Kris Jenner ... you know … all the good moms," the #BobWalking page on VisitOmaha.com says.

"I've seen video of people doing funny things on bridges,” Makena Campbell said.

We showed the video to her entire family where Bob the Bridge asks bridge walkers to create their own walk.

For Jason Campbell, the videos reminded him of a British comedy. "It was Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks skit from the Flying Circus show. It was awesome."

11-year-old Kai created his own "Bob Walking" on the spot.

Reporter: “What's that called?”

Kai: “The jellywalk."

Success will be measured in how many people participate.

It made Jill Campbell wonder: "How would Bob Kerrey walk across the bridge? It would be a great video."

“Wouldn't that be great?” Visit Omaha’s Deb Ward said. "Bob Kerrey walking on the Bob Kerrey Bridge."

For the Bob the Bridge character, that would be the gold standard.

6 News contacted the real "Bob" — former Nebraska Governor and Sen. Bob Kerrey — to see whether he would one day shoot a video of his own to promote the bridge.

“Every walk I do is silly,” Kerrey said.

If you decide to do some silly walks yourself, Visit Omaha asks that you post it online under #BobWalking.