Blondo widening projects skips bridge over Papio Creek

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Construction around Blondo and 156th streets has businesses and residents counting down the days until the widening project is complete. But one piece along the stretch under construction will remain as-is.

Construction along Blondo Street, expanding a stretch of the road from two lanes to four, will not include the Papio Creek bridge. (Rachel Urbanski / WOWT)

While Blondo Street has reopened with needed improvements, one thing has not changed: 6 News has learned that the bridge over the Papio Creek will not be replaced.

When the project is finally done, Blondo will have two lanes approaching the bridge that has only one lane each way. That will create an hourglass effect.

Hannah Gilliam lives off the portion of Blondo that just reopened. The closures have been a big pain.

"It's been hard going back and forth because if I have to go to certain places I have to avoid traffic there and I have to avoid traffic here. There's too many projects going on, it's a lot to avoid at once," said Gilliam.

It took the city 10 years to widen Blondo Street between 132nd and 171st, from two lanes to four. As for the hourglass effect at the Papio Creek, most people we spoke to can live with it.

John Scearcy at Brite Ideas says he ships out a semi full of product every day. He expects things to improve now that Blondo has reopened, especially with his customers.

"It's going to be great when it's done," he said. "The traffic has been horrible for years. …It will be nice for our business and personal perspective when it's done."