Blind broadcaster's video watched 70,000 times

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It's "Go Time" at Big Apple Radio for Seth Kadlec.

"Give us our weather, Seth!"

"Areas of dense morning fog, sunny, high near 70 degrees," Seth smiles.

Seth's smile is contagious.

"I just think it would be cool to be a broadcaster," Seth said.

Born blind, Seth doesn't let that stop him. He delivers his forecast from Braille.

"What is your dream job in broadcast?" Malorie Maddox asked.

"My dream job is to be a Disc Jockey, a radio DJ," he said.

At Big Apple Radio, tucked inside this bank in Nebraska City, Seth is mentored by Morning Host Keith Andrews.

"He just really instills the best in us, at least for me. He makes my day when he comes in here," said Andrews.

And Seth pays attention and learns from his mistakes.

"There were times I'd use, I'd say 'filler words' like 'Ummmm,'" Seth said.

During the week, Seth lives at the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired.

"He just has that personality that is contagious," said Principal Audrey Graves.

When Principal Graves heard about Seth's passion for broadcasting, the school arranged for him to call the starting lineup through a partnership with Lourdes Central School. Boy, did he deliver!

"And now...your starting lineup..."

"I had no idea he had that big of a voice. I'd heard him before but to hear him announce and the natural talent, that was absolutely amazing," said Principal Graves.

Seth's moment to shine caught attention on social media.

"Do you know how many people have seen that video? 70,000," said Malorie Maddox.

"Wow. That makes me feel really great!" Seth said.

"I think after that video got posted on Facebook, I think it's really going to take off now once we get him on the air," said Hunter Arterburn, Operations Manager at Big Apple Radio.

Seth does the weather and also "Seth's Segments." It educates people on blindness.

When asked if he gets nervous, he said, "No, I never get nervous."

Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired's goal is to teach their students they can do anything.

As WOWT 6 News was wrapping up talking to Seth, he said, "I think that was a really successful interview!"