Bird Store burglarized for the second time in three months

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Wednesday evening, a Bird Store in Omaha was burglarized, for the second time this summer.

Image Source: MGN

Owner Crinda William’s and manager Grant Anderson are still cleaning up from a break-in earlier this year.

“It’s frustrating because we’re still recovering from the last time this happened and we haven’t gotten everything fixed from the last time to total prevent this from happening again, ” said Williams.

In June, the store had been broken into by a man and woman who stole $17,000 in-store merchandise and money.

This time around, the burglar didn’t make off with as much but the owners are worried about damage to their store and filing another insurance claim no more than three months later.

“I am worried about getting dropped because they’re going to think we are not worth it, that we’re not worth covering for insurance,” said Anderson.

The store plans to put in place another alarm system and more cameras.

“We’ll recover it’s all good,” said Williams.

The suspect was recorded driving an older green Buick Lesabre. If you have any information leading to an arrest, call the Omaha Police Department.