6 ON YOUR SIDE UPDATE: Bellevue senior waiting for driveway now waits for her refund

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) -- It’s been more than two weeks since a Bellevue widow received promises she would be paid back for a driveway that never got started. The contractor got paid more than a year ago. After a 6 On Your Side investigation, police are now on the case.

Thirteen months after paying more than $5,000 for a new driveway, homeowner Cheryl Shottenkirk has promises but no concrete proof the contractor will refund her money.

“I would like the whole amount back,” Shottenkirk said. “I can’t do it in one big payment and a lot of little payments. That doesn’t pay somebody else to do it.”

Robert Long of Long Concrete cashed Sheryl’s check more than a year ago. Her daughter, Deb Hudson, said no work has been done.

“It’s been frustrating,” Hudson said. “You have people who say they’re going to do a job, and then they don’t.”

Bellevue Police said there’s enough evidence to request a Theft by Deception warrant for contractor Long.

“It was obvious it’s been a year,” Bellevue Police Capt. Tim Melvin said. “He’s made no attempt to do the work — hasn’t even started the work. Just a lot of false promises he made to the victim via emails. Lots of ‘learning,’ ‘running a business,’ ‘thank you for contacting me,’ That was in August.”

6 On Your Side sent messages to contractor, but have not received an answer.

When asked whether Long will repay the customer, his attorney texted, “Yes, he will. $5,250 by the end of the week.”

But his attorney hasn’t responded for comment about the police request for a warrant.

Shottenkirk said refund or not, cracks have developed in her confidence.

“It’s really diminished in a lot of ways,” she said. “Now, do I trust somebody else who says they’re going to do it?”

The Better Business Bureau will help Shottenkirk find a driveway contractor with a solid track record.