Bellevue police officers respond to heat related calls

Extreme heat continues throughout the metro.

Bellevue Police officers are not only working in the conditions, but they are also keeping an extra eye out for people who might need help in the heat.

For officer Josh Marrs, it's been a busy day.

"There was an 80-year old lady that neighbor found lying on the sidewalk outside I guess she was doing gardening and the heat was too much for her already at 6:30 this morning," said Marrs.

While out on patrol, the temperature felt like it was in the triple digits. Our ride along turned serious pretty quick. Officer Marrs realized there was a child unattended in a running car.

There was no A/C in the car, but the windows were rolled down. Officer Marrs talked with the owner of the car who said he was only gone for two minutes. Officer Marrs gave hiim a warning, this time.

"That can be criminal depending on how long that child has been there, they were just there for 2-3 minutes. He was just running inside to get something and the child was nine, so nothing criminal but I did give him a warning," said Marrs.