Bellevue man asks legislature to update statute to allow LED signs on vehicles

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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) - A Bellevue businessman took his case for a change in law to the state legislature on Monday.

Digital mobile billboards give advertisers flexibility, but not everyone is a fan.

"We give advertisers the opportunity to go where other signs can't," Jerry Teeter said.

Teeter is the businessman behind Legion Digital. He said he gets stopped occasionally by law enforcement and told to shut down his LED signs, or risk having the truck impounded.

According to state law, a vehicle is only supposed to have red or amber lights on the rear of the vehicle. Teeter said it's an "unusual" interpretation.

"We were issued one citation because we asked for it. We wanted to get a court ruling on it," he said.

The courts declined to get involved.

"It's targeted enforcement. They've told me that if I don't like the law, go change it," Teeter said.

The businessman went before the Transportation Committee to support LB10, a bill from Bellevue Sen. Carol Blood.

"A lot of our state statutes haven't caught up with technology, and this is one really good example," Blood said to other senators.

Teeter explained how the brightness of the moving signs automatically adjusts for time of day, how city buses in Lincoln and Omaha use the same types of lights without hassle and why he follows best advertising practices in an industry with few regulations.

"We also manufacture these trucks. We started doing that this year in Bellevue," Teeter said.

He said he's comfortable with reasonable regulation from lawmakers, even if it goes beyond the interpretation of lights. He just wants to keep his business moving.

No one spoke in opposition to the bill. It's unclear if it has enough support to make it out of committee.