Bellevue gas station to donate 5 cents of every gallon to Bellevue Police K9 Unit

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 12:21 PM CST
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A gas station in Bellevue is donating to the men and women in blue, but they tell 6 News it’s a specific department they’re raising money for.

When you pull up to fill up your tank at the Super Store Gas Station, five cents of every gallon of gas will be donated to the Bellevue Police Department K9 unit.

Chuck Spaulding, a co-owner of the gas station saw the desire in his customers to give back after a collection jar for the K-9 unit kept overflowing. So, he called a man at Cubby’s where he buys gas from.

“He got Cubby’s involved and Cenex involved and myself involved and we though you know they’re underfunded. And what a great way to give back to the community and support law enforcement,” said Spaulding.

This promotion goes on for the month of December. At the end of the month, Spaulding will tally up the number of gallons pumped and write a check to the K9 unit.

Police Departments buy their own dogs and each cost more than $10,000 to train. Donations like this, help foot the bill.

“It’s huge. I mean we won’t have to worry about looking for funds when it comes to buy a dog when we do get a large donation like this. So we appreciate it immensely,” said Joe Gray, a K9 officer.

Within the next year, the BPD will have one dog ready for retirement so they’re grateful for the support.

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