Bellevue asphalt scam leads to contractor's arrest

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 9:51 PM CDT
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A senior citizen allegedly paid far more than what he should have on a driveway resurfacing project in Bellevue. That led to the arrest of a contractor.

On his way to the mailbox, 75-year-old Dominic Mendolia was met by a stranger.

“Yeah, he stopped here and said hi, said I got a load of asphalt that I’m trying to get rid of,” Mendolia said.

An offer Mendolia didn’t have much time to refuse.

“The asphalt was already down on the ground by the time I realized it,” Mendolia recalled.

Mendolia paid more than $7,000 for the asphalt overlay.

A Bellevue police detective agreed, arresting 30-year-old Cornelius Stanley for felonies -- abuse of a vulnerable adult and theft by deception.

“And I told the guy he has dementia, you can’t be doing this,” said Vicki Mendolia, Dominic’s wife.

Vicki came outside too late to stop asphalt laid down by the contractor.

“He did take advantage, and he knew he could,” she said.

Vicki and Dominic say the contractor promised asphalt at least an inch and a half deep but allege they got far less.

“My shoes are thicker,” Vicki said.

The middle of the drive won’t be easy to plow come winter.

After Vicki called the contractor about this dip, he returned the next day and his answer for fixing it she says was that he poured something flammable and lit it on fire, then stamped it out but you can see there is still a crevasse.

Stanley didn’t come back and Mendolias are stuck with an expensive driveway that doesn’t seem smooth but they say the contractor was.

The couple say they called police after a granddaughter

a few weeks ago. That warned of door to door asphalt sales in Bellevue without a permit.