Bellevue West student waves prelim, heads to district court

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) -- A Bellevue West High School student accused of making terroristic threats will have his case heard in district court.

Nicholas Scott, 18, waved his preliminary hearing in Sarpy County Court on Tuesday. Scott was charged with terroristic threats and possession of an explosive device.

Scott allegedly told other students that he was going to shoot anyone who would leave the building during a planned student walk-out. Scott was removed from the school by a parent. As the investigation continued, Scott was later contacted and agreed to meet with officers on Thursday, February 22. During that meeting, Scott was arrested and booked into the Sarpy County Jail.

An affidavit detailed that investigators discovered "various unassembled materials that are commonly known to be used in the manufacturing of explosive devices" in Scott's possessions. Those items included:

  • A metal pipe with open end caps
  • Plastic pipe tape so it could be closed
  • Toy rocket propulsion engines
  • Fireworks
  • Homemade fuse from a firework
  • Small nails
  • Two packages of BB’s
  • "Nick is innocent, and we're going to prove that," said Scott's attorney David Reed. "We're ready to go to trial. We've seen the state's evidence. We are confident and more confident now that we've seen the state's evidence."

    Reed says his client waved his preliminary hearing because the state’s witness wasn’t in court Tuesday. The state would’ve asked for a continuance. Reed believes asking for a continuance slows Scott’s right to a speedy trial.

    "I believe that if they talk to the right people, they're going to find out that no one was scared at that school, and no one had a right or reason to be scared that day because nobody made threats, not that day or any prior days," Reed told 6 News.

    Reed believes the state doesn't have enough good evidence. The state, on the other hand, sees the waived preliminary as standard process.

    "The state did not even have to continue it because the defendant elected to concede that there's probable cause and then waive the preliminary hearing," said Nicole Hutter with Sarpy County Attorney's Office.

    Scott's attorney plans to fight all charges.