Bellevue Mayor speaks out on city funding for road projects

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT)-- Bellevue Mayor, Rusty Hike, argues that Sarpy County is leaving his city out of budgeting plans for new roads.

The Sarpy County Board has begun outlining what road and bridge projects they will be focussing on in the upcoming years. According to the board, they will be focussing on 15 projects with a budget of 10 million dollars.

The board believes that putting the money into the western part of the area will benefit the new businesses and populations stretching to that area. This does not include Bellevue.

Mayor Hike believes that Bellevue should receive a share of the projects because they are taxpayers too.

"There are a lot of projects out there and everybody is fighting for those dollars, and we need to fight for our dollars," said Mayor Hike.

Where roads are built is up to the city engineer after they conduct traffic studies.

Projects are subject to change, according to the city and Mayor Hike is hopeful for that.