Ballpark chefs whip up the first hits of the CWS

Published: Jun. 15, 2016 at 2:22 PM CDT
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Here comes your chance to make a play at the plate in the College World Series. Just make sure you bring your appetite.

The menu is among the preparations shaping up at TD Ameritrade Park as college baseball moves to Omaha.

The annual migration puts the city in the spotlight. Thousands flock to the city to watch the battle for a national title and that’s not something you can do on an empty stomach.

With all those fans rolling in, the chefs at the ballpark have prepared something special.

Like some of the teams that are regulars here, some of the menu items are familiar sights as well.

The Reuben Sausage Dog is back in the starting lineup. Executive Chef Al Martinez said, “It’s a local favorite. Reubens were discovered in Omaha so we like to keep that on the menu. People love it so we're going to keep going with it.”

There’s also a whole new line of treats being introduced this year. The one with the

wow effect

is the South O Giant Taquito. “It’s going to take you two hands, maybe two people to carry the thing.”

We’ve put together a few pictures of some of the foodstuffs starring at the ballpark this year. Have a look, whet your appetite and leave your calorie counter at home.