Automated trash, recyclable collection system to be tested in Omaha

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OMAHA, Neb. (Mayor Stothert Press Release) - The city of Omaha and Waste Management announced Tuesday the start of a pilot program this fall to evaluate an automated collection system for garbage and recyclables.

The six-month pilot program, scheduled to begin November 7th, provides two, 96-gallon carts to each of about 2,500 homes. One cart will be for trash and yard waste, the other for recyclables. Trash and yard waste will be collected weekly, recyclables every other week.

Residences selected will include those on narrow streets with large trees that overhang and special collection stops for elderly and disabled homeowners.

"The pilot is the next step in a series of actions to prepare for an overhaul of our current system," said Mayor Stothert. "I support a modern collection system using covered, wheeled carts and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fueled trucks equipped with automated arms."