Two arrested in the investigation of Fairbury homicide report

Two people were taken into custody after a standoff in Fairbury Sunday that authorities say was linked to the investigation of a possible homicide. No victim has yet been located.

Authorities got word Sunday afternoon that two people potentially connected to the case were at a home near 15th and D streets in Fairbury. Nearby homes were evacuated and negotiations began.

Around 5:30 p.m. Jerry Gilbert, 25, and Caitlyn Grable, 21, both of Odessa, Texas, exited the home and were arrested.

Jefferson County authorities say Gilbert has been identified as being connected with the report of a homicide.

The Sheriff's Office had initially identified Justin Crenshaw as being connected to the case but they now say he had no involvement.

On July 4th the Sheriff's Office received a call about a possible homicide that happened on July 1 in Fairbury.

Investigators say they have collected evidence in the course of their investigation and continue searching for a Honda with Texas plates that's linked to the case but they're still trying to find a victim.

Sheriff's Office investigators say they don't believe there is any ongoing threat to the public.