Aubrey Trail trial: Jury begins deliberations

 Wilber, NE - 6/17/2019 - Aubrey Trail appears in Saline County District Court for a plea hearing on Monday, June 17, 2019. GWYNETH ROBERTS, Journal Star
Wilber, NE - 6/17/2019 - Aubrey Trail appears in Saline County District Court for a plea hearing on Monday, June 17, 2019. GWYNETH ROBERTS, Journal Star (KOLNKGIN)
Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 12:12 PM CDT
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The jury for the Aubrey Trail murder trial started discussing his fate just before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Jurors heard a plea Wednesday from the prosecution to find Trail guilty of the first-degree murder — and conspiracy to commit the murder — of Sydney Loofe.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is clearly not some sexual fantasy gone wrong," Prosecutor Mike Guinan said. "This was pre-meditated murder gone right. This was a conspiracy to commit murder executed to a tee and we ask that you return verdicts of guilty on both counts."

Guinan went through the list of women Trail and Boswell had recruited to their group, maintaining it was a clear pattern.

Boswell would meet the women on Tinder, and start telling them what they wanted to hear. For A.H., it was a sugar daddy, for A.G. it was for finances and business, for K.B., it was for a relationship with Boswell, the same for Loofe, Guinan said.

He said Trail, Boswell and the women they recruited would constantly talk about torture and killing.

"This isn't ancient history," Guinan said. "This is the group, these are the discussions that are happening in the Trail and Boswell house."

Guinan cited a story K.B. told about having rough painful sex with Boswell on Nov. 13. She testified she wanted the sex to stop and Trail told her it would if she talked to Boswell about torture, and killing.

"Sydney Loofe is dead two days later and dumped out in Clay County days later," Guinan said.

Then Guinan addressed the claims that Trail and Loofe knew each other for months before Loofe died, despite the conversations with Boswell on Tinder.

Trail said he met Loofe in a check out line at Menards and she worked with him for a few months, making phone calls for his antique business while Loofe and Boswell had a sexual relationship.

Trail said Loofe didn't recognize Boswell's Tinder profile.

"Are you kidding me?" Guinan said. "You're telling me Sydney Loofe talked to a woman she's had sex work and worked with and she has no idea? She goes out on dates and doesn't even know this is a woman she's had sex with?"

He then said the desk clerks at the Grand Weaver hotel in Falls City, where the defense said Loofe was seen, were wrong and did not see her there.

Guinan said these claims by Trail were more "dirt" he threw on the case to distract from the truth.

The truth, he said is that Trail and Boswell recruited Loofe just to kill her.

Guinan said they bought several items to prepare for Loofe's killing- bought bleach, trash bags, drop cloths. Then a hacksaw, tin snips and a beveled knife.

"Aubrey Trail will tell you these items are great for working on antiques," Guinan said. "but they're better for cutting up a body."

He asked why Trail and Boswell would buy these items while Loofe was still alive if the murder wasn't premeditated. He asked why Boswell would prepare for her date with Loofe by buying the tools they used to dismember Loofe's body.

Guinan reminded the jury of the last messages sent between Loofe and Boswell before their date on Nov. 15, 2017.

"Here," read a message from Boswell at 6:54 p.m.

"At that moment, Sydney Loofe stepped into that car and sealed her fate," Guinan said. "She stepped into that car, and she was dead."

Guinan said he believes Loofe was dead within minutes of walking in the Wilber apartment.

"Sydney Loofe fought that night," Guinan said. "This was a two person job and Sydney Loofe fought. There's evidence of restraint. She arched her back- she had bruises on her spine, on top of her head. She died on that living room floor as she fought to get away."

Guinan said he believed one person held Loofe's hands while the other crushed her throat. He said he didn't know who did what.

"Between them they had four arms, four legs, two heads, but one mind," Guinan said of Trail and Boswell.

Guinan tried to poke more holes in Trail's story.

He said it wouldn't be necessary to cut a body into that many pieces just to sneak it out of the house. He said Dr. Symes, who examined her bones, noticed many unnecessary cuts.

Guinan also cited Trail changing his story again in court Tuesday as another reason for his guilt.

"Yesterday we watched as right before our eyes, Aubrey Trail dismembered his own story," Guinan said. "Here are the things I noted. There was no sexual fantasy gone wrong, no two other girls, no $15,000 payment, no witchcraft, no six bags for intentional death, eight for unintentional, no setting the body out in a line, no sacred cemetery, no video."

Guinan said he believes Trail did this because he learned the court had the letters he and Boswell sent back and forth in jail.

"That's all they are, are stories," Guinan said.

The defense started their closing argument after the court took a lunch break. Once that's complete the prosecution will have one last chance to plead their case.

The jury will start deliberating after that.

They could find Trail guilty or innocent on first-degree murder charges, as well as a charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

The jury could also find him guilty of a lesser charge.

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