Attempted abduction in Omaha has neighbors on edge

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:43 PM CST
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A report of an attempted abduction has neighbors near Gerald Ford's birthplace on edge.

Online comments suggest this isn't an isolated incident.

Laura Green witnessed Sunday's kidnapping attempt at 32nd Street and Woolworth Avenue first hand.

"There's starting to be a pattern of scary behavior here," Green said.

A normal Sunday evening turned Chaotic when Green saw a woman standing near a parked car.

"And I saw her fall and I thought she had just slipped on ice," she tells 6 News.

All of that changed when the car sped off and the woman approached Green's car in a panic.

"Crying and shaking and said they just tried to grab me and pull me into their car," Green described.

The woman, identified by OPD as a 23-year-old, says the man asked her for directions.

"She said, well I didn't want to be rude," Green said. "So I went up to the car to help give him directions and that's when he got out of the car and tried to grab me."

Green posted what happened on the Nextdoor app and several others commented about similar experiences in the same area recently.

"Another woman said that her 15-year-old daughter, a similar incident where somebody tried to abduct her," Green said.

Another comment alleges a similar car to the black, late model Honda sedan involved in Sunday's case followed a woman and her children as they walked home.

After Sunday's incident, OPD sent an alert to officers across the city.

"Of course officers that work that area were advised and will continue to follow up and keep a lookout for the vehicle and the suspect in the days moving forward," OPD Officer Michael Pecha tells 6 News.

For those in the area left feeling uneasy by an alleged attempted kidnapping, Officer Pecha says

"Carry either a whistle, or mace, or a cellphone with them," Officer Pecha says. "And, you know, yell and fight to try and draw attention to the situation to best be able to get out of that situation."

Most importantly, Officer Pecha says all incidents like this need to be reported.

"It may not be an actual police report but they can contact their precinct so the precincts aware and then they would do what's called special attention where the officers keep an eye out for this particular type of activity," Officer Pecha explained.

Right now, OPD doesn't have anyone in custody in connection with Sunday's case.

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