Amazon's metro delivery system comes to life in Sarpy County

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SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) -- Amazon calls it the "heart of the beast" and the heart is beating in the metro.

The online giant is all about efficiency and on Monday afternoon 6 News got a look at the company’s new operation here.

We toured the inside of Amazon's first Nebraska delivery station. It is a big warehouse off Highway 370 and Interstate 80 in Sarpy County. This is the first time the media has been allowed inside.

It works like many of us probably thought it would work. The packages are brought in. They're sorted and crews figure the part of town for which they’re bound.

The packages go into bins and then the van that we're seeing more and more of around town. And to your front door.

The station has created 230 jobs - some of them full-time, some part-time.

We also talked to one individual who started his own small business as an independent contractor who delivers for Amazon.

Luper Akough said, "We saw this as an opportunity but also a challenge because I've never been in logistics before. I've never employed 50 employees. I saw it as a growth opportunity."

Governor Pete Ricketts also toured the facility Monday.

The governor said, "We are thrilled in the State of Nebraska to have the world's largest e-commerce company come with a physical presence to our state."

While Amazon's Sarpy County center has been open for a few months now, Governor Ricketts came for the grand opening Monday.

Amazon allowed our cameras on the warehouse floor to see what happens after the packages we've ordered online come in from Kansas City and Minneapolis.

First, they're sorted and tagged along the conveyor. The packages then go into bins. They say those are considered communities or neighborhoods. Then the packages from the bins are put into a truck and then that truck handles delivery.

For Amazon, it's about getting our orders to our doors faster and more efficiently. It's also about being a good neighbor.

On that front the online retailer donated $10,000 worth of flood recovery items to Sarpy County.