Afghan who worked for US military now safely in Nebraska

Published: Mar. 2, 2018 at 6:02 PM CST
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Imagine living with the constant worry of being attacked not by an enemy, but maybe a neighbor. That’s life for Afghan people who helped U.S. forces.

A family who is no longer welcome in Afghanistan has started over in Nebraska. Entering a northwest Omaha apartment the father said, "Home sweet home."

A safe harbor for Mohammed Sharif Seddiqi, his wife and four children. He said, ”I'm feeling right now very relaxed.”

Sharif worked for US forces in Afghanistan like his cousin. Sharaft Ray said, “If he would have stayed there he definitely would have lost his life. Your life is on the line, your family’s life is on the line."

But now a new life full of advantages for the family thanks to the congregation of St.Thomas Lutheran Church. Pastor Ellen Stelzle said,”From the living room furniture to the kitchen supplies to the bedroom furniture to the food in the freezer.”

And plenty toys for the kids along with learning materials. Mohammad Sharif Seddiqi said, ”For the better future of my children and me to study English.”

Lutheran Family Services will help the family adapt. Lacey Studnicka said, “You safe here but you don’t realize you’re safe because the threat has been so grave for so many years.”

A threat no more for the family who helped American forces and now have an opportunity to one day become Americans.

The family waited four years to clear the vetting process and obtain visas. A federal resettlement program provides financial support for three months and most refugees find a job before that ends.