Ace the dog could use some help from someone with a caring heart

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Ace is looking for a better deal in his waning years.

Right now, the rat terrier is a guest of the Nebraska Humane Society but NHS hopes to find better digs for the time he has ahead.

The NHS shelter gets so many dogs needing a second chance. Many are young and rowdy or timid and just need the right home to thrive. But every now and then they get in a dog who truly needs a rescue.

Ace is a 12-year-old who arrived at NHS on July 21st. He's described as affectionate, cuddly and lovable – a fan of kisses and snuggle but lots of scary new noises and activity can overwhelm him. NHS discovered that when Ace went on a field trip to Luvbird Boutique. When he's in a comfortable place and approached appropriately he's ready to meet and greet like a social butterfly.

Ace had a cough when he rolled into NHS but treatment failed to clear it up. The veterinary staff did more testing and recently diagnosed Ace with congestive heart failure. Right now he's bright, alert and has a good quality of life but that can change quickly when the ticker is failing.

So Ace will need a home that will offer him comfort, joy and love for the time that he has left. Someone who will work their veterinarian to offer ace the best care they can until his health gives out.

Not everyone is cut out to do what really amounts to pet hospice. Some people understandably don't want to and others aren't in a position to but if you are, you could give Ace his dream of going to a great home and having a great time for whatever time remains.